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In the beginning

Alpha-Networks.net started life back in 2003, but Keith already had plenty of experience with computers. “I was working in PC support for British Telecom at the time I had the idea for Alpha-Networks” he recalls. “We’d get customers calling our support team saying they had no broadband or their computer wasn’t working, but the support on offer was generally provided over the phone. It really brought home to me that proper hands-on help for the general public was very limited.”


So along came Alpha-Networks with a small advert in the local Gazette – it was one of the first adverts for a computer repairer.


Over the next couple of years Keith built up a good client list mainly due to a lot of happy customers recommending Alpha-Networks to their friends and family. Now his customer base exceeds 1,500 clients. Now Keith works with his mother Janet and father Derek so he can focus on day to day service calls.

Even through the last couple of tough economic years, Keith’s business has stayed busy due to the need for people to keep in touch and network online. Going online is a cheap way of keeping in touch with friends and family when household budgets are tight and nights out are less affordable. The same goes for the elderly during the winter months when getting out and about is much tougher. Keeping in touch online can make a real difference.

If you would like to know how Alpha-networks.net could help you, be it a general PC MOT, a computer repair or upgrade, or advice on anything ‘computer related’, call Keith on    01277227683 or go online to www.pc-fixer.net

In his spare time Keith is a keen racing driver and has been racing 4 wheeled machines of sorts for over 25 years (click here to find out more)